About ITSI

Company Overview

Integrated Technology Solutions, Inc. (ITSI), a technology services and solutions firm since 1997 serves clients the commercial, Federal, and State Government by providing life cycle systems engineering and systems integration solutions involving custom software implementation, hardware optimization and data center management to address the needs and concerns of clients across industries. ITSI maintains a staff of exceptional application developers, systems engineers, cyber security engineers and test engineers. We support all aspects of requirements engineering and certify that an ITSI tested system meets all system requirements specified and is fully operational.

Our cyber security engineers are sent to training each year, to ensure that their skills are current. They are provided information from the FBI and DHS on a continuing basis so they are always aware to the latest threats. ITSI has years of experience certifying the security of systems for NSA and supported global deployments of secure systems.

In addition to excellent engineering services, ITSI supports program management offices for a wide variety of projects. ITSI ran the program office for the development of the Maryland Pension Management system, working closely with the State Legislature, the oversight board and the Maryland Department of Information Technology. We have supported Program Management and Portfolio Management for the CIA and NSA as well as for other government agencies. Our program managers and certified by the Program Management Institute and often teach others to become program managers.

Not only is ITSI a great place to work, it’s a place where the best people work. Our employees have engrained in their work ethic: integrity, intelligence, ingenuity and inquisitiveness. These qualities, coupled with an ability to rapidly think on one’s feet, identify problems and spot their opportunities, and a constant drive to discover, innovate and improve on the status quo, are shared among all ITSI employees and set us apart from others in our industry. As a fast growing company with ambitious goals now and in the future, ITSI employees are flexible and adaptive---often expected to wear many hats and comfortable shifting rapidly between them. Since many of our clients are recognized leaders in their respective industry, we employ those with equal abilities, those with skills and experience considered the best in the industry.


ITSI strives to be the best in advanced software and cyber solutions for large, geographically distributed computer environments and web based information management. ITSI goal is to expand globally in its niche Federal, State and commercial markets by emphasizing its extensive experience in:

  • Cyber security in the Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DoD), and federal civil agencies as well as significant industry members
  • Transportation programs providing engineering and other support, including safety for commercial vehicle operations, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), autonomous vehicles, subway and light-rail transit
  • Criminal Justice Information Systems
  • Systems engineering and independent verification and validation of various large integrated systems
  • Emergency communications for nuclear power plants nationwide
  • IT testing and training markets, and to leverage our knowledge into local, commercial and web-based markets
  • Software development of robust and intricate management tools

ITSI is a process-based organization and is a self-assessed SEI CMM Level 2 for software development. ITSI is also working towards its ISO certification and has developed a comprehensive ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Manual, used on Verification & Validation (V & V) programs. The ITSI’s strong commitment to process, customer service, and quality work results in frequent invitations to partner with companies such as IBM, Computer Sciences Corporation, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, TASC, Leidos, SAIC, and Lockheed Martin, as well as many smaller companies. ITSI continues to expand our strategic alliances with leading IT contractors to help us better meet customer needs. We form teaming agreements and maintain valuable contracting relationships with large and small companies alike, both in a prime contracting and subcontracting relationships.

Experience Overview

We have provided excellent performance in all assigned contractual efforts. In addition, we have worked on diverse projects giving ITSI viable qualifications in many areas and customers who have given excellent recommendations.

Like many small entities, ITSI has grown from performing as a subcontractor to having our own prime contracts along with a mix of subcontracts for several agencies. ITSI has moved from having contracts that were short term, to having the majority of contracts with long-term commitments, additionally, our customers use those contracts for contract modifications to add work.

In the Federal arena the biggest customers are the U. S. Intelligence Community (IC) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) where ITSI provides research and system’s development to address road safety. In the State arena, we provide support to advancing Maryland Transit’s program management capabilities, support the refresh of the State of Maryland’s Systems Development Lifecycle process, and provide program management support to the Maryland Department of Information Technology in support of an extensive PeopleSoft deployment. Additionally, ITSI was instrumental in successfully deploying the new Maryland Pension Management System.

During our 21 years in business, ITSI has had the opportunity to provide a wide range of support to our customers. At the state level, ITSI has supported Ez-Pass, Intelligent Transportation Systems and taught systems engineering to DOT organizations across the Continental US and Alaska. At the Federal level, ITSI has conducted advanced research in biometrics, won a Small Business Innovative Research program (SBIR) for identifying safety criteria for commercial vehicles, and supported the development of advanced cyber security within the intelligence community. ITSI personnel are well trained, knowledgeable, and work to produce the best for all customers.

ITSI’s Core Competencies

Cyber Security – ITSI mission is to bring advanced cyber security, standards, and system lifecycle processes and technologies to the Federal and State government enhancing each agency’s strategic mission capabilities. ITSI provides system engineering support to design and implement advanced integrated systems based on the latest research and development (R&D), secure architectures, stable tools and best practices, including in-depth analysis of alternatives for mission specific solutions.

Software Engineering and Development – We are skilled in large-scale software systems development and state-of-the-art development tools, methodologies, and processes. We ensure repeatable, documented applications and systems development using CASE tools, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Joint Application Design (JAD), Object-oriented modeling, fourth generation languages; client/server development; relational database management systems, automated software configuration management and testing; and SEI/CMM level 2 processes.

Security – ITSI supports the definition, implementation, and maintenance of system security. ITSI has developed security architectures for juvenile justice information systems, implemented data security capabilities, developed secure firewalls for WAN capabilities and provided disaster recovery plans and processes that address system security as well as system management challenges.

Legacy Systems Reengineering - We successfully help customers migrate from antiquated legacy systems to robust, distributed client/server designs. Our staff specializes in maintaining, reengineering, and migrating legacy systems, applications, and databases.

Systems Integration and Engineering - ITSI provides complete professional services to support systems integration and migration of legacy systems to interim and target architectures. We are proficient in performing site surveys, requirements analyses, business process reengineering (BPR), data administration, technical integration and migration strategy, prototyping and testing, training documentation, and implementation.

IV&V and Independent Testing - ITSI provides independent verification and validation testing services to ensure the successful fielding and management of information systems. ITSI has successfully delivered Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services in support of application and hardware system deployments, system migration efforts and Intelligent Transportation System efforts. ITSI's service offerings include evaluation of software Test Plans, independent testing – factory, unit, systems, integration and regression - and validation of test results to requirements and business functions. We maintain a Testing Tool-Box of test documentation that contains the foundation for comprehensive test plans, scenarios, data sheets, problem reports, problem report tracking processes, test reports and IV&V reports.

IT Training - ITSI is recognized for our training design, development, and delivery for proprietary systems, COTS applications, and office automation requirements. ITSI provides a range of technical courses for professional development and for Information Technology support. Courses are provided at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. ITSI tailors its courses to the needs of the student and the environment in which the student will work. ITSI instructors strive for day-to-day hands on experience so the student grows in confidence, comfort, and skill.

Program and Portfolio Management – ITSI assisted in the implementation of the Program and Portfolio Management Process for two major agencies within the Intelligence Community. ITSI provided leadership who were instrumental in developing a process for evaluating programs and providing quarterly scores to projects within well-defined portfolios to aid the agencies in the allocation of both fiscal funds and plus up funds. ITSI’s personnel were given awards for their contribution to the agency.

System Maintenance – ITSI provides system maintenance support for information technology systems. We have trained, certified personnel who address maintenance issues for database, communications and network, software, and all other areas of system maintenance. ITSI has provided long-term support for systems developed and deployed by ITSI and for systems developed by others.

Technical Skills Matrix

The ITSI, although small is size, offers diverse technical skills and capabilities as shown in the following synopsis:

  • Program/ Project Management and Portfolio Management
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Business Case Analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture and System Architecture Development
  • Strategic Planning and Transition Planning for New System Implementation
  • Requirements Based System Design and Engineering Development
  • Software Engineering & Programming using Agile Programming Methodology
  • Software Integration, and Unit, System and Acceptance Testing
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) including Analysis and Documentation
  • Hardware Systems Design, Development and Integration Using Cisco Cubes
  • Information Security Design and Implementation
  • Information Security and Privacy Audit and Evaluation, Reporting
  • Risk Assessment, Contingency & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Network Implementation in Cyber Security
  • Wireless and Satellite Communications engineering
  • System Enhancement Life Cycle Management
  • 24 X 7 System Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Database Development and 24 X 7 Maintenance
  • Knowledge Mining and Decision Support
  • Transition of Legacy Systems to Web-enabled Applications
  • Internet/Intranet/Web Application Development
  • Course Development, Training Plans and Manuals, “Train the Trainer” Courseware

Key Differentiators

ITSI senior management and engineering staff have many years of experience working in this business area. The business focus for ITSI has been supporting organizations faced with technical challenges in their mission objectives. In particular, those challenges could be in software, hardware, network, embedded environments, or all of the above. With the depth and diversity of experience, ITSI has established a well-deserved reputation of working with all stakeholders to produce quality capabilities for our customer missions.

In many cases where ITSI employees work jointly with other contractors and the Government on projects, ITSI employees generally are considered the technical leaders of these projects. ITSI employees consider the big picture aspects of the projects to ensure the end product fits into the overall scenario and provides its intended purpose.

U. S. or State programs:

  • U. S. Department of Transportation
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) – Utility for Risk-based Screening and Assessment (URSA)
  • Maryland Transportation Authority
  • State of Maine, Maine Way Service (FMCSA)

Major Industry:

  • L-3 Com Corporation
  • Leidos, Inc.

Previous efforts performed (to name a few):

  • EZ Pass – New Jersey, et.al.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Numerous industry members
  • Department of Corrections, Information Systems
  • Department of Transportation - kiosk implementation
  • Maryland Pension Information System

Facility Description

The ITSI corporate headquarters and functional location in Columbia, MD, encompassing approximately 3,000 square feet, is in proximity to many Federal agencies, which allows the ITSI to be immediately responsive to the needs of our Federal customers. The current lease for this facility expires in November 2015, although an option to renew is available should it be deemed appropriate.

The ITSI maintains a Top Secret facility clearance.